In one of our last posts, we taught you How to Shop for the Safest Cars, and now we want to show you the Top 10 Safest Cars Under $20K. To establish this list, our team of experts took a quick look at the Kelley Blue Book. These affordable options are great for teens and young adults.

We evaluated the safest cars by comparing the lowest trim package, typical mileage, and private party pricing.

10 Safest Cars under 20 thousand dollars.
The Honda CR-V from Kelley Blue Book

The Safest Cars Under 20K

Large Cars                                                      Model Years                                                     Price

Saab 9-5                                                          2010 and newer                                               $17,500

Lincoln MKS                                                    2009 and newer                                               $15,500                                             

Buick Regal                                                      2011 and newer                                               $13,500


Mid-Size Cars                                                  Model Years                                                      Price

Toyota Prius V                                                  2012 and newer                                               $19,100

Mercedes – Benz C Class                                2009 and newer                                                $16,000

Honda Accord 4 door                                       2012 and newer                                                $14,400


Small SUV’s                                                       Model Years                                                        Prices

Honda CR-V                                                         2012 and newer                                                $18,100

Kia Sportage                                                         2011 and newer                                                $13,800

Hyundai Tucson                                                   2010 and newer                                                 $12,800


Mid-Size SUVs                                                     Model Years                                                        Prices

Volvo XC60                                                            2010 and newer                                                 $18,000

Saab 9-4 X                                                              2011 and newer                                                 $17,800

Toyota Highlander                                                2008 and newer                                                  $17,100


No matter what your car you buy, we want to make sure that you are safe and protected. Once you get your new set of wheels, give us a call, and we’ll take care of your auto insurance.

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