We have seen several earthquakes recently in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. They seem to be becoming more and more common in the southern midwest states. Would you be surprised to know that most people in Missouri don’t have earthquake insurance on their homeowners insurance policy? Even though earthquake insurance in the St. Louis area is affordable, most people decide against the coverage because they think it isn’t necessary. History tells us that St. Louis earthquake insurance is important.

St. Louis Earthquake Insurance

Statistics tell us that earthquakes really aren’t very common in Missouri or the St. Louis area. However, the risk of an earthquake happening in or around St. Louis is very real. Our area sits directly onto the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is the most active seismic zone east of the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that there were over 21,000 quakes that registered a 3.5 or greater magnitude in the United States between 1974 and 2003?

Home damage from an earthquake.

What Is Holding People Back From Purchasing Earthquake Insurance

  • There is a common misconception that your homeowner policies will cover an earthquake when in fact the typical policy doesn’t cover earthquakes. A lot of people also simply think the coverage isn’t valuable. If you know the risk you face living in the St. Louis area it makes it easier to consider earthquake insurance when you are shopping around.
  • Most homeowners simply do not understand the risk of earthquakes here in St. Louis or Missouri in general. It’s been a long time, but in the 1800s, we were shaken by a number of quakes that absolutely devastated the area.

How Do You Purchase An Earthquake Insurance Policy

An earthquake can happen in a blink of an eye and in 30 seconds you can lose a great deal of what has taken you years to build. Here are some things that are important to remember when purchasing earthquake insurance:

  • First, ask your independent insurance agent if earthquake coverage is already included in your homeowner’s policy. Again, normally most policies do not include earthquake coverage, some will allow you to include it as additional coverage.
  • Earthquake coverage is often subjected to a higher deductible. Your insurance deductible will usually range from 15% to 25% of the dwelling replacement value. This is much higher than your deductible when compared to your all peril deductible. For example, a home insured for $300,000 with a 15% earthquake deductible will have a $45,000 deductible.
  • Some companies will exclude brick or stone exteriors when it comes to earthquake coverage. We don’t allow that here at IASTL, but be sure to bring it up with your insurance agent in case it slips by. Make sure that your brick or stone exterior is covered in your policy.
  • Earthquake doesn’t only apply to homeowners insurance. It can usually be included in business and renter’s insurance policies as well.
  • Some companies simply don’t offer earthquake coverage. That’s why we are proud to be independent insurance agents that can check with many different companies to find you the best policy and price.
  • Insurance Advisors of St Louis have found an insurance carrier that will sell a stand-alone policy.  We can usually get you a much lower deductible (5% to 10%) at little or no additional cost.

How Do You Purchase An Earthquake Insurance Policy

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