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Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis will take care of you. We are told that we have the best customer service in St. Louis and our goal is customer satisfaction. Our independent insurance agents will help you with all of your auto insurance needs. If you live in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, if you are thinking about car insurance, you are probably thinking about the damage that has happened to your car. What most people don’t know is that auto insurance covers a lot more than just your vehicle.

There are so many cars on the road, you and everyone else are distracted constantly. This means the chances of you being involved in some sort of car accident are higher than you might think. Every single time you get into your car and drive even a short distance you are at risk of an accident. Most accidents actually happen close to home or your work.

You need to know what your coverage options are. This doesn’t just mean coverage for your car. It also means coverage for you and the people that might be injured from your negligence in an accident.

It’s Extremely Important To Have Adequate Car Insurance Limits

It’s not a good thing if you lie about your insurance coverage. If the worst-case scenario happened and you are involved in an accident and found to be at fault for the other person’s injuries, you could be in serious trouble. In fact, you could possibly lose everything if you don’t have the correct insurance. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s simply how insurance works. You don’t necessarily have to have higher insurance premiums to have the best coverage. This is a common misconception.

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Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis is an independent insurance agency, which means our agents are able to shop your current coverage to several companies and compare them. We will find the best offer for you and make sure you get the best deal possible. This is an advantage of being independent and not working for one insurance company.

Why is this great for you? You can use our independent agents to shop around and it won’t cost you a single penny more. The insurance carriers that we deal with compensate us directly. This is a win-win for you because these companies will work on your behalf to make sure you get the correct coverage for your needs. You won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or gaps in your auto policy.

When you look at two policies side-by-side they might look similar, but no two insurance contracts are the same. They might look the same on the surface, but the fine print behind the cover page will vary drastically depending on what company it is. That is where IASTL comes into the picture. We understand policy contracts and will sort through them for you to make sure you get the best deal.

Your search for the best auto insurance company in St. Louis, MO, stops here with Insurance Advisors of Saint Louis. Since 1966 we’ve proudly insured the local community for all their automobile insurance needs.

Important Types Of Auto Insurance Coverages

From limited liability to full-coverage state insurance policies, our insurance agency has you covered on car insurance in St. Louis. When you are looking through your policy, there will be coverages that you probably won’t understand. We are here to help you understand why they are on your policy.

Here are a few of the important coverages. Hopefully, we can clarify them for you.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance is the part of your policy that actually covers your car. This is there in case you damage the car itself. This covers damage to your car after an accident with a moving or stationary object which includes a curb, house, another car, guard rail, and more.

Property Damage

Property damage liability is the coverage that compensates the other person if there is an accident. So like collision coverage, if you are in an accident with another car, curb, house, guard rail, etc. this is the insurance that compensates the other party.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is more coverage that also protects your own car. This is coverage that protects your car if something else damages other than a fixed or moving object. Things that are covered here include a rock cracking your windshield on the highway, theft, if you hit an animal, and other things in this category.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability protects your financial interest if there is an accident and another party is injured. This will pay for the other parties’ medical bills and other related expenses. Since we know that medical insurance is so expensive it is important to carry the proper liability limits. If they are too low it can be dangerous for you. These are the decisions that our independent insurance agents will help you with.

Uninsured And Underinsured Liability

This is the coverage that will pay you if you are injured by someone that was either unidentified or if they didn’t have a high enough bodily liability to cover your injuries. This is very important because you cannot control the amount of insurance other people will have or if they will even have insurance.

Other things to think about are:

Read more about different car  insurance coverages and get a car insurance quote from an agent today.

Learn how to add young drivers to your policy.

Car Insurance Discounts For St. Louis Drivers

We believe in rewarding good drivers, we are one of the top insurers Missouri has to offer — and in bundling together automobile insurance policies that will save you money. We compare car insurance rates with several companies. Here are some of the discounts you could qualify for:

Click here to read more about auto insurance St. Louis MO discounts. We have a great good student discount available and offer many of the products Missouri offers. You can customize your policy.

Read more about adding young drivers to your policy.

Factors That Can Affect Your Rates

A variety of things can affect how much you pay for your automobile insurance. We can help you understand everything that you need to know. We offer discounts on insurance when you buy more than one product, such as life insurance, home insurance, and are always available for an insurance quote.

  • Years of driving experience or age.
  • Safety features of your vehicle.
  • Usage – distance to work.
  • Credit Score.
  • Household.

Click here to read more about factors that can affect your auto insurance rates.

Car Insurance FAQs That You Should Know

There is no such thing as a dumb question and we have several questions about car insurance that might help you.

Q: Are there different insurance coverage types? Are there different coverage types for auto insurance?

Yes, there are many different types of car insurance coverages that can be purchased. Comprehensive, Collision, Bodily Liability, Property Damage Liability, and Uninsured & Underinsured.

How fast can I get an insurance quote.

If you fill out our form we will get back to you within 24 hours. We can do a quote in person or over the phone in a matter of minutes.

How do I know I’m getting the best deal?

We are Independent Insurance Agents so we compare many different companies and don’t work for any of them.

What happens if I don’t tell the truth about my driving record?

If you lie, the insurance company can deny you services and cancel your coverage. The DMV will also report that you are committing “soft fraud.”

Is it mandatory for me to have auto insurance?

YES! All 50 states require Auto Insurance, but the laws can vary per state. To make sure you have to correct insurance in Missouri, visit the Missouri government’s transportation website.

Is Car Insurance Expensive?

NO! Auto Insurance is cheap for the most part. There are some things that can affect this such as your credit report or driving record.

What is a deductible?

A deductible for auto insurance is the amount of money that you must pay after an accident or another incident before the insurance you have pays the remaining amount.

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If you have a child that has good grades then you might see a discount for that. You could also see a discount for having insurance for your home or if you are a renter. Because our independent insurance agents will combine your policies and get you the lowest possible rate in St. Louis. We want you to shop around because that’s exactly what we do as independent insurance agents. We shop around to get you the best deal. Just remember to tell your friends where you found the best deal on your insurance, so they can become part of the IASTL family as well.

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Drivers may not aware of the importance of carrying St. Louis car insurance. For as little as the price you pay to eat dinner at a restaurant, you can protect yourself from the negative consequences of not carrying adequate coverage or any insurance at all. At Insurance Advisors of Saint Louis, we can help you get the coverage you need at a very competitive rate. Here are some factors that play a role in your auto insurance coverage.Boat Insurance
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