As previously stated the Personal Auto Policy specifically excludes coverage for anyone driving for a Rideshare Network Company such as Uber or Lyft.  The Personal Auto Policy excludes coverage as soon as the driver logs on to the Ridesharing mobile application. Transportation Network Companies do offer, at a substantial cost, a limited liability policy for drivers using their network services while they are in the process of carrying a paying customer.

Therefore, if you participate as a driver in a Ridesharing network a dangerous and potentially expensive coverage gap still persists. Your Personal Auto Policy stops as soon as you turn on your ridesharing application and the insurance provided by your Ridesharing network does not kick in until you pick up your passenger. Application ON with no passenger in the vehicle equals no coverage for the vehicle and no coverage for any damages caused by the Ridesharing driver.

Solution.  A new endorsement offered by some insurance companies that specifically covers that gap in coverage.

The endorsement provides for the driver’s vehicle the same coverage that it normally has while they participate in their Ridesharing activities.

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