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Can Flood Insurance Be Added To A Homeowner Policy?

Aerial view of flooded houses. Remember homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods.

No. Flood insurance is a separate policy.

Is Earthquake Coverage Automatically Included Under The Homeowner Policy?

Everyone should have a good level of earthquake Preparation in the St. Louis, MO area.

No. But, earthquake insurance coverage can be added by endorsement to the homeowners’ policy.

Will The Damage Caused By Overflow Of A Dishwasher Or Washing Machine Be Covered?

Yes. But the damage has to be “sudden and accidental.” A slow leak due to poor maintenance will not be covered.

Will The Distance Driven To Work Affect The Auto Insurance Rate?

Yes. Hundreds of factors go into the determination of an auto rate. Whether or not you commute to work, and how far, will affect your rate.

Is Termite Damage Covered Under The Homeowner Policy?

No. Termite damage is specifically excluded by the homeowners policy.

If My Dog Or Cat Causes Damage To My Furniture Will The Loss Be Covered?

No. Damage caused by pets is specifically excluded by the homeowners policy.

If Mice Or Squirrels Cause Damage To Furniture Would The Homeowners Policy Provide Coverage?

No. Damage caused by vermin is specifically excluded by the homeowners policy.

If Wind-Driven Rain Comes In Through An Open Window Will Interior Damage Be Covered?

No. Water has to enter the dwelling due to damage caused by a covered peril such as wind or hail strike.

Will My Homeowner Policy Cover Water Damage In The Basement Due To Heavy Rain?

No. Flood is specifically excluded by the homeowners policy.

Will Towing Claims Affect My Rate?

Take advantage of your towing coverage. There will not be a significant change in your rate.

Will My Auto Insurance Rate Go Up If I Turn In A Windshield Replacement Claim?

Not enough for you to consider not turning in this type of claim.

Will My Auto Insurance Go Up If My Company Pays The Claim?

Yes. The question will be, how much? Hundreds of factors go into determining the rate. At fault accidents typically carry a significant weight. We can help you with this decision.

If I Hit A Deer, Will My Auto Policy Cover The Damage?

Yes. Striking a wild animal is covered by the comprehensive or “other than collision” coverage of your auto policy. Comprehensive deductible will apply.

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