About Insurance Advisors of St. Louis

Insurance Advisors of St. Louis offers everything from health insurance to home insurance solutions in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

It’s time to learn more about Insurance Advisors of St. Louis. The agency was established by Russell D. Rothwell on June 1st, 1966 as a one-man “Independent Agent,” located in St. Louis County, and representing just two companies.  In 1976, the agency was moved to our present location at 8050 Watson Rd., incorporated under the name of “Insurance Advisors of St. Louis Inc.,” representing five companies.  The agency now has a staff of ten agents and customer service representatives, representing 15 companies with access to many others.

Proudly Serving the St. Louis Community since 1966.

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About Insurance Advisors of St. Louis

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Nine Incredible Employees. Over 250 Years of Experience.

We proudly employ some of the best people in the insurance business today. And we mean it. Our talented team of nine exceptional individuals spans from our founder to our newest CRM. No matter who you are working with, we guarantee you’ll get the best service and the best prices at Insurance Advisors of St. Louis. After all, we’ve got a great track record.

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