This is going to be a life changer. We, as an agency, recognize that not all insurance companies like young drivers — and their prices will reflect that. If you are in the process of adding a young driver, let us know as soon as possible. We’ll start shopping for you, and you can follow these four steps.

Tip from Tom: You will not be charged for your young driver until they are fully licensed. 

Affordable Car Insurance for Young Drivers in St. Louis MO

Step One: Understand Pricing For Young Drivers

The young drivers will have meshed into the entire family’s pricing, and all of your cars will be surcharged for your young driver.

  • You will be doing your child a huge favor by putting him/her on the family policy.
    • If a young driver tried to obtain coverage on their own, the price would easily triple. (Talk about a parental bargaining chip!)

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Step Two: Protect the Driving Privilege

If your young driver gets out of line, you can tell them to find their own policy. Make sure your young driver recognizes that it’s a privilege to be added to the family policy. This privilege can be protected with:

  • A clear driving record
  • Avoiding small claims (Call us and we’ll give you confidential advice.)
  • “Fixing” traffic violations (Your Junior or Princess should pay for the fix.)
Tip from Tom: My snowflake earned himself frequent flyer miles at the Traffic Law Center. For reference, it will cost about $200 to get a normal speeding ticket eliminated. You will save back your expenditure within three years.

Step Three: Teach the Rules of the Road

Another thing you can do to help your young driver is to teach them about ticket avoidance. Make sure they know all the tricks. What a flashing headlight means. What it means when the traffic slows down.

Step Four: Achieve the “Good Student Discount”

This is the biggest credit a young driver can earn, and it’s a substantial discount. They have to maintain a  B or 3.0 grade average. (Another parental bargaining chip!) The insurance companies will ask for a new report card at every renewal date.
We quote a lot of young drivers.
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