The life of a student leaves you with minimal resources. Still, you have to get comprehensive coverage for the vehicle in order to comply with the law and meet regulatory requirements. We are going to talk about the 5 best car insurance for students and young adults.

Student drivers need the 5 best car insurance for students.

Insurance companies offer special packages to students. As a student, you are also looking for the cheapest package that will also offer the best value. The money at your disposal will go into paying for rent, books, field trips, and beginning your project, among other functions.

The insurer should also make it easier to manage the cover. Easier management and customer handling ensure that you get back on the road fast with the least stress possible. Some of the issues to consider include pay-per-mile offers, face to face assistance, rates, discounts, college GPA, customer care, and roadside assistance, among other factors. Here are the best insurance companies for students with vehicles. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis operate as independent insurance agents.

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1. AAA

America Automobile Association has more than 100 years of experience in the industry, having started in 1902. The company is one of the largest and most trusted in the industry, with more than 58 million members. The operations of AAA spread across the United States of American and Canada.

AAA provides comprehensive cover with special packages for individual clusters. Beyond the cover, you will enjoy roadside assistance, and a discounted rate if you are a student. You also enjoy a driver training discount of 5 percent, a discount for being a good student up to 14 percent, and a Student away at school price cut that could go as high as 46 percent. With numerous agents and branches around the United States, you are guaranteed the widest coverage.

2. American Family

This is a household name, with a reasonable market share of more than 2 percent. It is one of the largest car insurers in America, guaranteeing the best services and wide coverage.

America Family Insurance has only two discount options for students. The Good Student Discount is one of the highest in the industry at 25 percent. This will lead to a significant saving on your premium if you remain in their good books. If you qualify for the TeenSmart discount, you will enjoy a further reduction of 10 percent on the premium. Since America Family Insurance is one of the largest and most trusted brands, their customer care is impressive. You also enjoy comprehensive care wherever you will be around the United States and Canada.

Another Great Company To Checkout Is Safeco

3. Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is the third-largest trade car insurance services provider in the United States, taking up 10 percent of the market. It is preferred by students because of the discounts it offers. Student drivers receive Good Student Discounts at 35 percent, one of the largest in the industry. You will also receive Student Away at a School price cut of 5 percent. The eventual reduction in premium is impressive, leaving you t only pay a few dollars as a premium.

The vast experience in the insurance industry makes Allstate the insurer of choice for most motorists and especially student drivers. It has agents to serve customers in all corners of the United States. The brand also gives you confidence that your concerns will be addressed as soon as you raise them. You enjoy the unique comfort of being covered by an experienced and recognizable brand. The price bargain does not come with a reduction in the quality of services offered.

4. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-owners insurance claim form

One of the oldest and most successful insurance companies, having started operations more than 100 years ago. It remains one of the largest and strongest insurers in the United States in terms of performance. It also has kept a clean slate in terms of settling claims for its clients.

An agency network of 6,200 outlets will make for the best customer care services wherever you are. You will enjoy a Good Student Discount of 20 percent, an impressive rate in the market. You should also deduct 26 percent for Student Away at School. You are left to pay one of the lowest premium rates in the market. They are still preferred by the student for offering among the best claim turn-around-time in the industry. It almost makes you feel like you are covered for free. The one challenge is that the company only underwrites in 26 states in the United States. Still, the attractiveness of packages offered makes it one of the largest insurers.

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5. MetLife

The company started off in the industry in 1868. This gives you more than 150 years of experience. It will reflect in the quality of services and customer value you receive. It has one of the largest customer bases for an insurance company. You will be joining more than 90 million customers globally, spread in over 60 countries. It is one of the few insurance companies serving the entire United States. Good Student Discount saves you 15 percent of the premium while Student Away at School will save you 10 percent. You also enjoy the TeenSmart discount of 7 percent, among other riders.

A student is entitled to the most stress-free insurance. Besides the discount, you need a partner who will get you off the road in case you are in trouble. With experience and commitment to the best customer care, you will have the best insurance cover.