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Our job is to make sure you as our customer gets the absolute best insurance policy for your needs. Since we are in St. Louis, we get you the policy that represents the city. We know the weather in Missouri, we also know the accident rates and reasons. With that said, you can expect that when it comes to auto insurance, we will find the best policy that fits you. Do we know you are asking what are the top reasons for automotive accidents in Missouri?

So What Are The Top Reasons For Motor Vehicle Accidents In Missouri

There are several reasons for car accidents and we take that into account when we are helping to find a good insurance policy for you. In case you didn’t know the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, here is a refresher. These are in no particular order. These statistics are from the 2011¬†Missouri Highway Patrol Statistical Analysis Center.

  1. Speeding – 17.3%
  2. Alcohol – 4.4%
  3. Young Drivers – 24.8%
  4. Elderly Drivers – 32.9%
  5. Commercial Vehicles – 9.2%
  6. Motorcycles – 1.8%
  7. School buses – .7%
  8. Pedestrians – 1.0%
  9. Fixed Objects – 19.8%
  10. Construction Zones – 1.4%

Other Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

As you can see there is a wide variety of things that cause accidents and we account for them in your policy. The easiest factors that help us get you a low insurance rate are your age, your sex, and your history as a driver. Of course, that’s if you have one. Some of these things are obviously out of our control, but we do everything we can to get you a good rate from the things that we can control.

Other factors that come into play are sex. 55.1% of the accidents are caused by men. This is an indicator that males will have a higher auto insurance rate. But, to take it even further. 15.1% of these accidents are involving people in the 15 – 20 age range with the second biggest percentage of accidents happening in the 21 – 25 age range. This means that insurance companies definitely see younger drivers and males as a bigger risk. These are factors that will go into the cost of your policy. There are ways to help with this problem, such as having your teen take a safety driver’s course. Doing that can sometimes lower your rate as insurance companies will see your young driver as less of a risk. All of this information is in an infographic that you can see below. After you take a look, be sure to share it and if you want an insurance quote today click on the image below the infographic to be taken to our quotes page.

The Top Causes Of Vehicle Accidents In Missouri

Have you ever asked what are the top reasons for motor vehicle accidents in Missouri?

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