Do You Shop For The Safest Car? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Has Some Tips.

Keep in mind that the IIHS would prefer that your young driver wear a helmet at all times and take public transportation, but nonetheless, they do have a few helpful tips on helping you shop for the safest car.

Shop For the Safest Car

Electronic Safety Control and Side Airbags There are two must-have safety features, Electronic Safety Control (ESC) and side airbags, that protect the torso and the head.  

  • ESC helps drivers maintain control on slippery roads and curves.
  • It will prevent at least 50% of the chance for a fatal car crash.  
  • ESC has been required to be in all vehicles since 2012, and many older vehicles have it, as well.  
  • Check ESC availability on any vehicle dating back to the model year 1996.

These systems uses the car’s high-tech sensors and the central computers to assist in helping the vehicle’s mechanical systems to assist the driver to drive more safely.

Any car can veer off the road, especially if slippery conditions exist.

About 33% of fatal accidents are caused by side impacts.

Side airbags protect both the chest and the head during side impact accidents.  The majority of cars built 2008 and after having side airbags.

Understeering and Oversteering

When the car’s front wheels don’t have enough traction, the car’s momentum keeps it moving forward rather than turning. This is called understeering.

Oversteer is the opposite effect. The vehicle turns farther than the driver intended, which causes the rear wheels to spin. Electronic Stability Control can help correct both of these reactions.

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