Is Your Car On The Auto Safety Recalls List?

The auto industry has recalled more than 64 million vehicles in the year 2016.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that number of recalled vehicles has exceeded the total for the previous three years combined. A problem with a vehicle that leads to auto safety recalls often go unnoticed. These unnoticed problems that require a recall can often lead to auto accidents.

At least 34 million vehicles were recalled due to airbag defects alone.

Here Are Some Other Examples Of Safety-Related Recalls:

  • Wiring system problems that may result in a fire or loss of lighting.
  • Wheels that crack or break which may cause a loss of vehicle control.
  • Accelerator controls that may break or fail to turn off.
  • Steering components that break suddenly.
  • Problems in fuel systems that result in fuel leakage which could possibly cause a fire.
  • Engine cooling fans that may break and injure persons working on a vehicle.
  • Windshield wiper parts and assemblies that fail to operate properly.
  • Seats or seat backs that fail unexpectedly during normal use.

Examples Of Defects Not Related To Safety:

  • Radios and air conditioners that do not operate properly.
  • Excessive oil consumption.
  • Paint or cosmetic blemishes.
  • Rust that does not affect vehicle structure.
  • Ordinary wear of equipment such as batteries, brakes, shock absorbers, and exhaust systems.

How Can I Find Out If My Vehicle Has Been Recalled?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Association has made this a very simple process.

Simply click on the link below.

The NHTSA will ask you to provide your Vehicle Identification Number.  Once entered it will provide you with any recall information concerning your vehicle that has been conducted over the last 15 calendar years.

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