Today we are going to be discussing the Insurance Advisor’s guide to protecting your valuables. We are going to discuss how our independent insurance agents can help you choose the best policy for your needs.

In a world where natural disasters and unforeseen events are becoming increasingly common, securing the right insurance coverage is more crucial than ever. St. Louis, Missouri, and its surrounding areas face various risks, including earthquakes, tornados, and floods in Missouri. To protect your money and assets, it’s important to use a trustworthy insurance agency with independent agents. One such agency that serves the St. Louis community with dedication and expertise is Insurance Advisors of St. Louis (IASTL).

Let’s take a look at a few of the insurance types that the independent insurance agents at IASTL will be able to help you find.

St. Louis Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are a significant concern for residents in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, as they have witnessed a rise in seismic activity. Surprisingly, most people in Missouri do not have earthquake insurance as part of their homeowner insurance policy. To address this issue, Insurance Advisors of St. Louis offers earthquake insurance through several reputable providers.

Guide To Protecting Your Valuables.

When considering earthquake insurance, it is vital to compare policies and rates from multiple providers. This comparison allows you to choose the best coverage that suits your specific needs. The St. Louis area sits directly on fault lines, especially the New Madrid Seismic Zone, making it susceptible to earthquakes. Despite the low frequency of earthquakes in Missouri, the risk of a devastating quake remains real.

It is essential to be well-informed about the risk and consider the significance of earthquake insurance when shopping for coverage.

Earthquake Insurance Typically Includes Three Components:

  • Dwelling coverage to rebuild your home.
  • Reimbursement for personal belongings.
  • Additional living expenses if you need to reside elsewhere temporarily.

Keep in mind that some earthquake policies might also cover vehicles, landscaping, and swimming pools, while others may not. If several earthquakes occur within 72 hours, they are considered one earthquake and covered under the same claim, protecting potential aftershocks.

How To Purchase An Earthquake Insurance Policy

To ensure you have the necessary protection against earthquakes, consider the following steps:

  • Check with your independent insurance agent to see if earthquake coverage is already included in your homeowner’s policy or if you can add it as additional coverage.
  • Understand that earthquake coverage often comes with a higher deductible compared to other perils, typically ranging from 15% to 25% of the dwelling replacement value.
  • Ensure your earthquake policy covers all relevant aspects, including brick or stone exteriors, vehicles, landscaping, and swimming pools.
  • Remember that earthquake coverage is not limited to homeowners; it can also be included in business and renter’s insurance policies.
  • Work with independent insurance agents like IASTL, who can check with multiple companies to find the best policy and price for your needs, including lower deductibles.

Hazards And Perils In Insurance

Understanding hazards and perils is crucial in comprehending insurance risks and coverage options. Hazards refer to conditions or situations that increase the likelihood of loss or damage, while perils are specific events that cause the loss. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis explains the four types of hazards:

  • Physical Hazards – Result from inadequacies in the condition, structure, or operation of an insured property.
  • Legal Hazards – Arise due to conditions imposed by the legal process that force insurers to cover risks they might otherwise consider uninsurable.
  • Moral Hazards – Result from fraudulent acts committed by an insured, such as filing false insurance claims.
  • Morale Hazards – Occur due to a lack of reasonable care put forth by an insured, like leaving car doors unlocked.

Flood Insurance: Protecting Against Nature’s Wrath

In addition to earthquake and hazard insurance, flood insurance is another critical aspect of safeguarding your property against nature’s unpredictable forces. Flooding can cause significant damage to homes and personal belongings, and unfortunately, standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover flood-related losses. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis recognize the importance of flood insurance, especially for residents of flood-prone areas or regions with a history of heavy rainfall.

They offer comprehensive flood insurance coverage to ensure that homeowners are protected against the devastating effects of floods. With flood insurance in place, policyholders can receive financial assistance to repair or replace their property, including the dwelling and personal belongings, in the event of flood-related damage.

This valuable coverage offers peace of mind and added security (much like a home security system against thieves) against one of nature’s most destructive perils. For residents in St. Louis and its surrounding areas, obtaining flood insurance through IASTL can be the difference between rebuilding your life after a flood and facing financial ruin.

Flood Insurance: Protecting Against Nature's Wrath. Man walking near flood.

Hazard Insurance And High-Value Home Insurance

Hazard insurance is a critical component of homeowner’s insurance, providing financial protection against covered hazards and perils. For high-value homes that have high-value items, where custom features and unique elements are present, high-value home insurance is the best option. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis offers high-value home insurance policies that allow homeowners to tailor coverage to their specific needs.

High-value home insurance covers architecturally significant homes, historic properties, luxury apartments, luxury condominiums, and homes with special features or made of rare and expensive materials. The coverage includes dwelling coverage, coverage for structures other than the dwelling, and personal property coverage.

High-Value Auto Insurance

Owning a high-value vehicle requires specialized insurance coverage to protect your valuable asset adequately. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis provides high-value auto insurance tailored to the unique needs of luxury car owners, classic car enthusiasts, and owners of exotic vehicles. High-value auto insurance includes coverage for accidents, agreed value, bodily injury liability, comprehensive/collision, gap insurance, glass break coverage, OEM parts, personal auto liability, property damage, roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, replacement cost, total loss waiver, and underinsured/uninsured motorists coverage.


Choosing the right insurance coverage is a vital step in protecting your valuable assets and securing financial peace of mind. Insurance Advisors of St. Louis (IASTL) serves the St. Louis community with dedication, providing independent insurance agents who carefully assess your needs and find the best policies and prices from multiple insurance providers.

Whether it’s earthquake insurance, high-value home insurance, or high-value auto insurance, IASTL is your trusted partner in safeguarding what matters most to you. Contact IASTL today at (314) 842-0960 or fill out our contact form below this post.

We hope that our Guide To Protecting Your Valuables has helped you with choosing the correct insurance.

Guide To Protecting Your Valuables FAQ

Why Is It Important To Have Earthquake Insurance In St. Louis, Missouri?

St. Louis, Missouri is located directly on fault lines, especially the New Madrid Seismic Zone, making it vulnerable to earthquakes. Despite their low frequency, the potential for a devastating quake is real. Most standard homeowner insurance policies in Missouri do not cover earthquakes, making it essential to get specialized earthquake insurance to protect your home and assets.

What Does A Typical Earthquake Insurance Policy Cover?

Earthquake insurance generally includes three main components: * Dwelling coverage to rebuild your home. * Reimbursement for personal belongings. * Additional living expenses if you have to reside elsewhere temporarily. * Some policies may also cover vehicles, landscaping, and swimming pools, but this varies between providers.

How Does Insurance Advisors of St. Louis (IASTL) Differentiate From Other Insurance Agencies?

IASTL is a dedicated insurance agency serving the St. Louis community with independent agents. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and then shop from multiple insurance providers to find the best policy and price tailored to individual requirements.

What's The Difference Between Hazards And Perils In Insurance?

Hazards refer to conditions or situations that enhance the likelihood of loss or damage. There are four types of hazards: Physical, Legal, Moral, and Morale. On the other hand, perils are specific events that directly cause the loss, such as floods or earthquakes.

Why Should I Consider High-Value Home Or Auto Insurance From IASTL?

High-value homes and vehicles have unique features and elements that might not be adequately covered by standard insurance policies. IASTL offers tailored high-value home and auto insurance policies, ensuring comprehensive protection for luxury properties, classic cars, and other valuable assets. This specialized coverage ensures that homeowners or vehicle owners receive appropriate compensation in the event of a loss.

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