The Affordable Care Act “Healthcare Open Enrollment” Starts November 1st, 2016

Healthcare open enrollment is a time period during which individuals can purchase or make changes to their current health insurance coverage. Under the Affordable Care Act, individual health insurance plans…
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Top 3 Reasons for Using a Short-Term Health Policy Instead of Obamacare

At Insurance Advisors of St. Louis, we rounded up our top three reasons of why you should use a short-term health policy instead of the Affordable Care Act Policy. Use…
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Are You Buying Into the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act (ACA) a.k.a. Obamacare The Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as “Obamacare”) is a sweeping healthcare reform law passed by Congress in 2010. Its intent was to…
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Health Insurance Lost? Open Enrollment Over? Here’s What To Do.

If You Missed Open Enrollment, You Might Still Qualify Open enrollment is over. So what happens if you lose your health insurance after open enrollment is over? You may qualify to…
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Affordable Care Act Penalties and Enforcement

In the year 2016, the Affordable Care Act penalties will be in full force. It will be a penalty of $695 per year, per adult, and half that per child.…
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