At Insurance Advisors of St. Louis, we rounded up our top three reasons of why you should use a short-term health policy instead of the Affordable Care Act Policy.

Use A Short-Term Health Policy Because:

It’s a lot less expensive. For example, 20-50-year-olds can expect savings anywhere from 40-50% by purchasing short-term policies over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) variety. While those 50 and older won’t see such dramatic savings, short-term policies are comparing favorably after a thorough cost/benefit analysis.

You don’t lose much coverage. You’re not giving up much when it comes to the base coverage. A lot of times you can afford a lower deductible and a better co-insurance percentage via short-term policies.

Far less risk is involved. There is a lot less risk involved in using a short-term policy over an extended period of time. Short-term policies were once viewed as risky because a lapse in coverage could lead to denied coverage for preexisting conditions. This was remedied by the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Now, customers need only worry about making it to the next enrollment period to ensure coverage is maintained and most accidents or illnesses will be covered.

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