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Kemper-Insurance Corporation has $8 billion in assets and is one of the nation’s leading insurers. The Kemper Insurance family of companies specializes in property and casualty insurance and life and health insurance products for individuals, families, and small businesses. Kemper’s businesses collectively sell insurance in 47 states and the District of Columbia and employ 6,000 associates dedicated to providing first-rate service to customers.

Kemper Insurance History

Some history about Kemper Insurance is that they have been around for a long time. How long do you ask? In 1912 the state of Illinois passed a new law called the workers’ compensation law. This is when James S. Kemper founded the Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. At the time Kemper Insurance sold accident insurance. Soon after that, the Kemper insurance agency became one of the first insurance firms in the country to offer auto insurance. It only took 6 short years before there were Kemper Insurance offices all around the country. They were able to stay open and operate through WWII, changing their name to “James S. Kemper & Co. In the 60’s their annual revenues were near $150 million. This is when James S. Kemper Co. moved from Chicago to the Long Grove Suburb. This is when they became part of Kemperco Inc., known as a holding company.

In the 70’s they were known by yet another name, Kemper Corp., and their annual revenues had drastically risen to nearly $1 billion. During the 80’s Kemper had expanded into financial services, however, that was short lived. The good news is that they have continued the thrive in the insurance company. Kemper Corp was then purchased by Zurich Insurance of Switzerland in 1995. The securities division was sold to Kemper employees and became a separate company known as Everen Securities Inc. This lead to the company being known as Kemper Insurance Companies, they downsized in the early 2000’s, they ended up laying off thousands of employees around the country and in the Chicago area. In 2003 they sold off their service organization.

They are still thriving today and in April 2015, they acquired Alliance United Insurance Company, which is/was one of the fastest growing auto insurance providers in California.

Kemper Insurance and Insurance Advisors of St. Louis

  • We’ve had the Kemper health Insurance contract forever.
  • Kemper has 8 billion in assets and ranks in the top 25 personal lines property/casualty writers.
  • They are represented by 20,000 independent agencies in almost every state.

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