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As of July 1, 2017, the population of the Village of Marlborough was 2,191.

The village has a total land mass of .23 miles.

With its population of 2,194 people and a land mass of .23 square miles, the Village of Marlborough has the highest population density of any village, town or city in Missouri.

While shrouded in mystery, what we know about the founding of the Village of Marlborough is nonetheless amusing. As the origin story goes, Todd Ambose (aka “Duke Buttermuffin”), the 10th Earl of Marlborough, was whisked away from 1920s London amid a sordid social scandal. His family purchased a small portion of land in the United States and provided him with a modest annual stipend, on condition that he never return to England.

Insurance Advisors of St. Louis area proud to serve the Village of Marlborough located near St. Louis, MODeciding to make the best of his new surroundings, Duke Buttermuffin incorporated the village and named it Marlborough in honor of his aristocratic past. As luck would have it, its incorporation came at a time when nearby Route 66, America’s newest highway, would bring a good deal of traffic to and from Marlborough. An astute businessman, the Duke seized on the opportunity by hiring police officers to monitor the road, thus creating one of the most notorious speed traps in the United States. Half a dozen police officers patrolled the .23 square miles well into the 1980s, long after the glory days of Route 66, yet still realized lucrative returns thanks to Marlborough’s population density is the highest of any village, town or city in all of Missouri.

The speed trap operated well into the late 1980’s. At that time the village of Marlborough employed six full-time police officers to patrol .23 square miles.

Famous Residents Of The Village Of Marlborough

  • Todd Ambrose Buttermuffin aka “The Duke”
  • Esperanza Carrington (jazz singer) – Known for her catchphrase and hit song, “Heebie-Jeebies”.
  • Charles “The Anchor” Haberkorn (athlete) – a member of the St. Louis Turnverein Tug of War team. Silver medalists in the 1904 Olympics

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