Uber and St. Louis Mardi Gras

Thinking about using the ride share service to help solve your transportation needs for your St. Louis Mardi Gras plans? Great idea.
This is a perfect example of why St. Louis needs Uber or other ridesharing services.

Had a little too much fun (drinking) and want avoid the crowds and parking congestion? Uber is the perfect answer.


However, There is a Problem with Uber

The company continues to blur the lines the between Uber drivers and their personal Missouri auto insurance policy. The Missouri auto insurance policy specifically excludes “livery.” Livery is the use of your personal vehicle to transport any goods or people. Clearly, the company is doing a great job delivering people.

If you have an accident and your app is on, the claim will be denied. You will have no coverage for damages to your auto. No liability coverage. No coverage for medical bills.

It really bothers me that the ride sharing company still doesn’t seem to understand or care about the relationship between the Missouri Personal Insurance Policy and ridesharing services. Whether it is ignorance or intentional oversight, the consumer will ultimately pay the price.

The Certificate of Insurance they use as an example is, among other things:

  • Outdated
  • From the wrong state
  • Has been issued to an insured that is not identified
  • Is unintelligible to a non-insurance professional

Overall, we all think that Uber is a great idea, but we believe that it is executed very poorly. Lots of people who use the service and work for the service are unaware of some of the things we mentioned here. Bottom line: We want you to be informed of your limitations if you drive or ride with Uber, and we want everyone to be safe, especially during this year’s Mardi Gras celebrations. 

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