There is a certain joy when you’re driving around in your car and it’s been paid off. You don’t really appreciate it for your good, reliable, used car is totaled and you have to replace it. And good luck finding a good one on short notice. We all want reliable cars.

There is a great used car website called that has developed a survey that can steer you toward a new/used car that can go the distance. has analyzed over 650,000 cars ranging in model years from 1981 – 2002 bought used cars in the year 2017. For each model, they determined the percentage of cars sold by the original owner and ranked the top 15 vehicles that owners have purchased and kept driving for at least 15 years. Sadly, no American carmakers made the top 15 list.

According to the study, Toyota tops the list of cars that owners keep driving into the automotive teen years. They captured 9 of the first 15 models that made the list. This is not surprising since Toyota has built a reputation for building high quality and high dependability vehicles. The entire list is dominated by Japanese brands, with the VW Golf being the one German make that owners have not given up on.

Top 15 Cars That Owners Have Kept For 15+ Years.

Rank                                      % of Original Owners

  1. Toyota Highlander – 18.3%
  2. Toyota Sienna – 17.1%
  3. Toyota Tundra – 15.7%
  4. Toyota Prius – 15.0%
  5. Toyota Rav4 – 14.3%
  6. Honda Odyssey – 12.8%
  7. Toyota Sequoia – 12.8% (And the model is a 7 letter word that uses all 5 vowels
  8. Toyota Tacoma – 12.4%
  9. Honda CR-V – 11.9%
  10. Toyota Avalon – 11.7%
  11. Acura MDX – 11.6%
  12. Toyota Camry – 11.5%
  13. Subaru Forester – 11.5%
  14. Nissan Frontier – 11.0%
  15. Volkswagen Golf – 10.6%

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