Here Are 7 Reasons To Buy Insurance From An Independent Agent

Insurance is difficult enough as it is. It’s hard to understand, impossible to purchase without going through a hard sell, and simply put it’s one industry that can actually discriminate against you based on things such as salary and your zip code. As Chris Rock once said about insurance you are buying stuff “In Case Sh*t happens”. We all know that we aren’t buying a new sports drink or that new health item from the store.

Insurance is a promise that you will be protected if something bad happens and let’s face it, if your insurance doesn’t do what you are told it’s going to do, it can break the bank. This is what leads to the question; “How do you really know that you are making the best decision for you about coverage”? Do you know if you are really getting the biggest bang for your buck? There are so many options out there and they can be very overwhelming. SO be smart and buy insurance from an Independent Agent.

Insurance Advisors of St. Louis is an Independent Insurance Agent in St. Louis and we offer you the confidence that we are working for you and doing our best to find you the best deal. We are in the insurance business to benefit our policyholders and here are seven reasons independent agencies like ours can benefit you

7 Benefits Of Using An Independent Insurance Agent

  1. Buy Insurance From An Independent AgentGetting A ChoiceInsurance Advisors of St. Louis, much like all independent insurance agents represent several different insurance companies. For example, we represent Travelers, Safeco, and Progressive to name a few. Since we represent several different companies we offer a wide range of coverage options and come in at a big number of different price points. Right now we offer 12 different companies that have different types of insurance and we can find the cheapest and best policy to meet your needs. We get quotes from each of the companies and there is no need for you to fill out a bunch of different forms. You can fill out our 1 form and compare all of the different companies we work with. Since we work with so many different companies, our agents have a vast knowledge of the market and have the ability to find the best value for your insurance dollar. Our independent agents will do the shopping for you, find the savings for you and make sure you get a good blend of coverage, price, and service.
  2. Licensed Experts – Our independent agents are all licensed experts and have the ability to explain the complexities of all of the different insurance lines in very simple terms. This will help you make a smart decision when it comes to what’s right for you. Being an Independent agent is their career, so they have to make sure and assess each customer’s insurance needs and then match them with the correct insurance carrier. It’s obviously in their best interest to make sure they do this at a price their customer can afford. You want to make sure that your car, house, business, or anything else you insure is protected and protected properly.
  3. Personal Advisers – Each independent agent is working for you. They want to find you the most competitive price for your insurance and they want to make sure you’re covered adequately as well. You will have the luxury of working with your agent face-to-face and they will be able to personally advise you on insurance decisions. Agents are trained to listen to you and understand your needs because they know each persons’ needs are different. At IASTL our agents understand that insurance is a lot more than just finding a good price that you can afford. Our agents want to make certain you are appropriately covered, meaning you are not over-insured or underinsured. We don’t want you to end up insurance-poor if you suffer a loss.
  4. Advocate For You – We all know that when it comes to insurance there are always problems. With an independent insurance agent from IASTL, our agents will be your advocate, working on your behalf with the insurance company. They will also help you out if you need to change your coverage.
  5. Your Agent Is Local – Your independent agents are right around the corner, you could say they are your neighbors. They live in the same community as you, in this case, St. Louis, and they share the same interests as you. Our independent agents understand all of the challenges and the benefits that come along with living in the St. Louis area. Our agents are all involved in the community and right around the corner to help you when or if needed.
  6. One-Stop ShoppingIndependent insurance agents such as the ones here at IASTL can almost always meet every insurance need you have. Since we represent so many companies it also means we offer a variety of insurance lines such as auto insurance, homeowner, renter’s, business, and several more including motorcycle insurance. We also can help you with your choice of life insurance and even health insurance.
  7. Lifetime Consultants – Our independent insurance agents are going to help you with any life changes you might have and they will periodically review your coverage without you requesting it. Some life changes that you might not even think about can be going from renting an apartment and needing renters insurance, to buying a house and needing homeowners insurance. Other things people don’t think about is that your insurance will change when you get married or if you decide to renovate your home or even start a business. Also if you have kids and you are adding a young driver to your auto insurance policy, our agents will be there to help you.

These are only 7 reasons to consider an independent insurance agent. We can think of about 20 more reasons, but 7 is a lucky number and since we are talking about insurance we figured we should leave it at that. But, the most important thing to remember is to buy insurance from an independent agent.

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