The horrific experience of a tornado is over and it is safe to come out of your shelter. After you have accounted for your safety and the safety of all those with you, the damage needs to be assessed. There is some tornado safe damage.

Make Sure The Area Is Safe Before Inspecting Your Home For Tornado Safe Damage.

  • Make sure you are wearing protective clothing such as boots, gloves, and long sleeves to protect yourself from debris injury.
  • Survey the scene for nails, broken glass, and other dangerous debris.
  • If there are any power lines down, report those to your utility company – DO NOT TOUCH them or anything in contact with them.
  • If some extra light is needed to use a battery-operated source and not candles.
  • Be cautious of possible gas leaks and electrical issues.  If you see exposed wiring or a notice of a burning smell, those are signs of an electrical hazard.  if you smell natural gas (think rotten egg/sulfur), there is most likely a gas leak.  If you suspect either, call the appropriate services immediately.
  • Check for structural damage to the walls, foundation, and windows.  As you walk along looking for this damage take note of the floor.  If there is a change in the floor level then there is potential foundation damage.
  • Check all water sources for signs of leaks.
  • If you don’t notice roof damage right away, pay attention to signs in the coming weeks.  You might see stains on the ceiling which would indicate a possible leak.
  • Inspect the gutters to ensure they are intact and have a good connection.

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