“I’m taking a quick trip overseas, but it’s only for a few days. Do I really need travel insurance?”

Well, think about it this way. There are certain expenses that are mandatory such as your plane ticket, passport, or maybe even a travel visa, depending on where you’re going. Travel insurance, on the other hand, isn’t viewed as a necessity. Due to this viewpoint and the fact that no one forces you to look into it, people tend to skip out on it. There’s nothing wrong with deciding not to invest in travelers insurance, although if you make that decision you should be aware of what’s on the line.

We personally feel that travel insurance is just as important as Auto insurance or Renter’s insurance due to the financial risk involved with traveling. We want to help you understand what is covered by travel insurance and encourage you to make an educated decision before your next excursion.

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Have You Ever Worried About These Things Before Traveling?

  1. What if the airline or the boat line scheduled goes bankrupt?
  2. What if you get sick, or someone you are traveling with gets sick and you have to cancel your trip?
  3. Medicare and domestic medical insurance might not cover you abroad.
  4. Since you are so adventurous you might need to be evacuated from some remote area.
  5. What if you run into flight delays or even cancellations?
  6. What if you miss your flight connection and need to make alternate plans?
  7. What if the worst of all happens? Your baggage is lost!

If you’ve lost sleep over any of these thoughts, then travelers insurance may be just the thing you need to give yourself some much-needed peace of mind. Sometimes it’s truly worth spending a little extra money just in case things don’t go according to plan.

What’s Stopping You From Getting Travel Insurance?

For many, it’s financing. Vacations can be pricy. There are all kinds of travel expenses to consider such as plane tickets, gas/maintenance for your car, lodging, food and beverages, tours, souvenirs, etc. When all that gets added up… it’s definitely not cheap.

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We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, which is actually the exact reason why we feel that travel insurance is a necessity. A good majority of the expenses listed above are non-refundable. This means that if a family member was to get sick during the trip, they may not be covered medically while abroad. You would then have to check out of your hotel and fly back early. Lodging cancelations and paying to switch your flight can be costly endeavors.

In an even more extreme circumstance, you may be forced to evacuate the country where you’re vacationing due to civil unrest or extreme weather conditions. Travelers insurance covers all these situations and ensures that no extra money will come out of your pocket in the event of sickness, emergency evacuation, death in the family, etc.

Be Smart

After asking yourself “Do I really need travelers insurance?” and deciding that yes, you 100% do, you’ll want to purchase it at the right time. Let us remind you to purchase travel insurance before the season has begun so you can still get a good deal on it. So many people, just like when it comes to rental car insurance, decide to pass on the spot. It’s easy to let these kinds of things slip your mind.

Consumer Travel Insurance Choices

Every consumer has a wealth of travel insurance choices whether they plan on going overseas or staying in the country. There are a few things that you should look for when you’re checking out policies. We’ve listed out a few things to consider when deciding on what travelers insurance to purchase:

Things to Consider When Purchasing Travel Insurance

  • Be sure that the policy you purchase has medical travel insurance. This will limit the burden you have to pay out of your own pocket in case you have to go to the emergency room. This insurance is crucial if you become international traveling since your regular health insurance plan won’t always cover your medical bills in another country.
  • You should also have trip cancellation insurance which covers pre-payments on things like holiday travel arrangements that could be interrupted or even canceled, due to extreme weather (flooding, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.) This also covers sickness, injuries, and other issues depending on the policy.
  • There is medical evacuation insurance which will cover costs that are associated with your transportation to a hospital in a medical emergency. This also helps get you to travel in case the local facilities are inadequate. This policy is one of the best for international travelers, especially if you plan to boldly go where no tourist has gone before.
  • If you are going on an adventure tour or a sports vacation, there is adventure travel insurance that you can get as an upgrade. This type of insurance will cover you when doing high-risk activities. These include surfing, white water rafting, scuba diving, and other extreme sports that are popular among vacationers.

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the simpler insurance processes. All you need to know is what type of coverage you’re looking for and how many people in your family need to be covered. So when asking yourself “Do I really need travelers insurance?” we hope that you’ll keep these financial risks in mind. If you have more questions about how to find the best plan for the best price, contact your independent insurance agent. Happy traveling!

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