With the winter weather’s arrival, the risk for a residential fire increase. Home heating costs are on the rise, and to combat that, many rely on the assistance of alternative heating methods such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and space heaters. These alternatives, while providing heat, can also be a fire hazard. This is why you need Renter’s Insurance.

Renter’s Insurance Is Important

As a renter, you want to make sure you are properly insured in the event of a loss.  Many renters have a false sense of security think that they are covered under their landlord’s policy.  That is not the case, and a fire can be very costly for a renter.

More frequently, landlords are requiring their tenants to have a renter’s policy before they are approved for a lease.  This is a smart decision on the landlord’s part since it limits their exposure in the event of a loss.

Even with a renter’s policy, there are discounts available for things like burglar alarms.  It is essential to protect your family from the financial and emotional burdens of a fire.  Make sure you are properly insured.

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