Should college students get a renter’s policy if they live on campus? How about off-campus?

College is the most awaited and exciting phase in a person’s life. Packing off to college can be very thrilling; students wait throughout their life for the independence that they enjoy while studying at college.

Students heading to college have two choices when it comes to their residential condition. They can either live on-campus dorm or rent an apartment off-campus. The recent study has shown that more than 60 percent of students studying in college prefer to live off-campus. In either of these cases, your possessions must be protected by an insurance policy.

Do Students Need Renter’s Insurance When Living On Campus?

For students living on campus in a dorm room, apartment, or any other residential facility owned by the university, do not require renter insurance to protect their belongings. In most cases, a student will be protected by homeowners’ insurance or their parents’ renter’s insurance. Legally a student is still a resident of their parent’s home. But the question arises what happens if a student decides to live off-campus.

In this article, we have answered this question by sharing all the necessary information on renter’s insurance policies.

Why Do Students Living Off-Campus Need Renter’s Insurance?

Why Do Students Living Off-Campus Need Renter’s Insurance

A student who is living off-campus either in an apartment or home is more likely to be the one who needs renters insurance. Living off-campus means renting an apartment or home and signing a lease agreement, which means the student is not a legal tenant of their parent’s home. Since the parent’s rental insurance does not extend to the child living off-campus; they should consider investing in one as soon as they move into their off-campus housing.

The legal liability of a student living off-campus is more than that of an on-campus student. This means if anybody gets hurt at a party hosted by a student living off-campus, the student can be held liable for the damages caused. Most apartment owners require students to buy renter insurance as the property is subjected to more wear and tear than other rental apartments.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Most renters are under the assumption that the landlord has to compensate for any loss that occurred during any catastrophic events such as theft, fire, and storm. But this is not true; landlord insurance will not cover your damages. This is the reason why the students living off-campus should consider buying renters insurance.

Renters insurance protects the value of students belonging and damages that may have occurred by the event covered under the policy anywhere in the world. It also protects the students against a claim or lawsuit at the same time pays for temporary stay and meals in case a student is unable to live in a rental property at the time of repairing.

Very Important Tip

If you already have an auto insurance policy you can easily bundle a renter’s policy with it and receive a nice discount on both renters and auto policies. 10% to 15%. That discount on your auto insurance is usually enough to entirely pay for the renter’s policy.


Whether you are a first-time student renter signing a rental agreement of experienced renter, your preparedness determines the comfort of your stay. Be cautious when renting a property and assure you understand the terms and take necessary precautions like renters insurance for a peaceful experience.

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