Here are the states in the United States that have the lowest percentage of uninsured drivers. Looking at the percentages of all of these states really is an eye opener when you are out on the road anywhere in the United States. You have to watch yourself and hope the other drivers have auto insurance.

Lowest Percentage of Uninsured Drivers

1. Massachusetts 3.9%

2. Maine 4.7%

3. New York 5.3%

4. Utah 5.8%

5. North Dakota 5.9%

6. Pennsylvania 6.5%

7. Nebraska 6.7%

8. Idaho 6.7%

9. South Carolina 7.7%

10. South Dakota 7.8%

Where Does Missouri Rank Amongst The Top 10 Ten States with the Lowest Percentage of Uninsured Drivers

Missouri ranks 18th with 13.5% uninsured motorists. Illinois is 20th with 13.3%. I asked Massachusetts claims adjuster about why Massachusetts has such low percentage of uninsured motorists. She said that in Massachusetts you can’t cancel your insurance without giving up your license plates. Hear that Missouri legislators?

*According to a study by the Insurance Information Institute, they have tallied up the top ten states that have the lowest percentage of uninsured drivers.


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