Don’t keep your jewelry or valuables in an obvious place like the top drawer of your dresser or in a jewelry box. That will naturally be the first place that a burglar or thief will look. So follow these jewelry protection tips and facts that we have laid out for you. We lay these facts out for you because we want our customers to be protected and never have to go through the worst.

Jewelry Protection Tips

Unfortunately, our last five major jewelry claims were inside theft jobs. Make sure no one, save for a very few trustworthy people know where your jewelry is kept. Quite often it has been family members or friends of family members making the thefts.

Housecleaning services can also steal your valuables. Your house cleaners may be bonded but usually, the thief is long gone before the theft is even discovered.

If you are temporarily removing a piece of jewelry do not put it in your pocket. Place your jewelry in your coin purse. It’s too easy to lose jewelry within your clothes or you may lose the jewelry next time you do laundry.

Do not ever leave jewelry near a sink when washing your hands or doing the dishes. This increases the chances of it going down a drain. We aren’t sure what’s worse losing it yourself or having it stolen. Both of these are bad scenarios.

Have your jewelry inspected every so often. You jeweler can find hidden defects that can cause you to lose a stone. Have your jewelry regularly appraised.

And make sure to have your jewelry insured. It’s not that expensive. It typically costs $13 to $14 per thousand to schedule your jewelry. Scheduled jewelry includes the peril of “mysterious disappearance”, which is the most common type of jewelry loss.

The jewelry is missing and the owner has no idea where it has gone. Also, be sure to get homeowner’s or renter’s insurance if you don’t have it.