Don’t Buy Auto Insurance At The Last Minute

If you can’t go absolutely one more day without auto insurance, it severely limits the amount of time your agent needs to shop for the best rate. For example, many people go out to buy a new automobile without giving a moment’s thought to purchasing the insurance coverage they’ll need to legally drive their new car. While not unusual, they are shocked and dismayed to learn that their premium exceeds the car’s loan payment.

Planning Ahead And Obtaining Coverage Before The Last Minute

This can also help motorists from the higher premiums that come with being placed in a “high risk” program. Consumers who purchase a new auto insurance policy and did not have previous coverage in place for at least six months get placed in what’s known as a non-standard pricing program. Because these customers represent the greatest amount of risk for submitting a claim for an accident, they are also charged higher premiums as compared to other insureds. However, once an insured in a high-risk pool has coverage in place for six months they can expect a discount on future premium payments.

Qualify For Preferred Pricing

Another way to secure the best auto rate is to qualify for preferred pricing. This is accomplished by maintaining continuous coverage over a certain period of time, as well as increasing one’s insurance score by maintaining a clean driving record. This means avoiding traffic violations and at-fault accidents at all (legal, of course) costs.

The Very Best Auto Insurance Rates

But for those seeking the very best auto coverage rates, there’s an even more exclusive tier known as super-preferred pricing. Only those drivers who are 25 or older; possess a superior insurance score, and maintain a squeaky-clean driving record will reach this tier. Just one traffic violation or at-fault accident (or even a not-at-fault accident, depending on the circumstances) and keep drivers from obtaining the super-preferred rates.

A Video Synopsis On How To Get The Best Car Insurance Rates

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