Missouri Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2019

We have some good news and some bad news for your 2019 health insurance

The bad news is that there is a very limited number of health insurance companies and plans to choose from in 2019. The plans that still remain available are expensive and the deductibles are high, thus 2019 health insurance can be tricky.

The good news is that everybody is automatically eligible during the open enrollment period and the coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act is very comprehensive.

Insurance Companies Do Not Have a Viable Option to Earn Profits

Faced with the rules and regulations associated with the Affordable Care Act most insurance companies have decided that they do not have the ability to earn a profit and face the very real possibility of suffering substantial losses. The current political administration does not approve of the Affordable Care Act but has not come up with a viable alternative.

Here are the two companies still available:

CIGNA – Website: www.cigna.com Phone: 1-866-494-2111

Centene – Website: www.ambetterhealth.com Phone: 1-855-650-3789

We just checked both websites and they seem to be working properly. We called both contact phone numbers and were able to speak with a company representative quite easily.

Hopefully, the scarcity of health insurance companies and plans will be a temporary problem.

Any new health insurance legislation passed, especially the eradication of the tax penalty for not having health insurance will facilitate new plans and new companies coming back into the marketplace.

When that happens,  give us a call and we’ll inform you of what products are available.

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