Homeowners Claim Damage

When disaster strikes and there is damage to your home, here are some tips that will help you file your homeowners claim. Remember there are many situations where homeowners claim damage.

  • File the claim right away
    If you are unsure as to whether you need to file the claim, give us a call and we can advise you.
    If there is a delay in filing a claim, you may forfeit coverage for that claim that was neglected in filing.
  • Do not make permanent repairs
    If you need to make temporary repairs such as placing a tarp on your roof after your roof has been damaged to prevent further damage, go ahead and do so.  The insurance adjustor needs to come out an assess the damage before any permanent repairs are made.
    Keep any receipts for temporary repairs you make so you can submit them for reimbursement.
  • Be involved in the process
    Don’t be a bystander; be part of the claim process.  Whenever you speak to the adjuster or insurance company, take notes on the conversations you have.
  • Don’t sign off on the claim until you are satisfied
    If you are not happy with your settlement offer, get another estimate or file an appeal with the company.
  • Use a reputable contractor
    After a major storm, there are, unfortunately, people who prey on victims.  To protect yourself, use a local company that has a good reputation.  You can also check the Better Business Bureau.

Get An Insurance Quote From Insurance Advisors of St. Louis when homeowners claim damage.