Commercial General Liability Insurance St Louis-Kirkwood-Chesterfield-Ballwin-Webster Groves

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage?

Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage is the general form of comprehensive business insurance liability providing bodily injury and property damage coverage for claims arising out of the operations of the business. This type of coverage can be used for a variety of business risks ranging from retail and service risks to manufacturing and lesser building risks.

Where Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Apply?

This coverage may be location specific or may provide coverage away from premises depending upon the type of business. Coverage will generally apply to the products of and/or the completed operations of the business. Generally speaking, this policy does not include coverage for “Professional Liability” losses such as failure to provide a service or advice.

Insurance Advisors of St. Louis is a great place to find general liability insurance. This type of insurance is important for any business as you never know what type of issues you might run into if you are running a business. You might have an employee that gets into a car accident when at work or a bunch of boxes could fall onto an employee’s head and you would need to take care of that with insurance. It’s very obvious if someone has something like this happen to them, they are going to need to see a doctor and your business is going to be liable for their medical bills.

If you don’t have at least general liability insurance for your business then you will have a big bill ahead of you and there is a good job that you might face a lawsuit that could make your business go under. The fact is you don’t want to face a disaster like that, as a matter of fact, you should do everything to avoid it. Get an insurance quote today.

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