Are Lateral Sewer Line Collapses Covered by my Homeowners Insurance?

The most used answer given by insurance agents is: Maybe. We have seen the sewer lateral line covered by a homeowner’s policy, but is very rare. Two times in the last 35 years.

However, the bad news is it’s probably not covered. Most lateral line blockage is caused by items being accidentally washed down the drain, flushed down the toilet, trees roots, accumulation of grease and other various obstructions.

lateral sewer line

What is a Lateral Sewer Line?

The lateral line connects your home or building to the public sewer system. Wastewater from your toilets, washing machines and showers flow through the lateral sewer and into the public sewer system. If they collapse completely, it can be expensive — we’re talking $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the length of your sewer line.

Signs that a Lateral Line is Blocked or Obstructed

  • Water pooling around the basement floor drains.
  • Sewage smell inside or outside your house.
  • Wet ground in your yard.
  • Wastewater leaking from your clean outs.

Give me some good news already!

If your home is in St. Louis County or St. Louis City, and many of the surrounding municipalities, you already have lateral sewer line insurance and it’s already paid for. If you have questions, you can call your local area. You can also Google your municipality and search for sewer lateral line insurance.

  • St. Louis County: 314-615-8427
  • St. Louis City: 314-647-3111
  • Chesterfield: 636-537-4762
  • Kirkwood: 314-822-5800
  • Florissant: 314-921-5700

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