I live in St. Louis, MO what do I need to know about buying motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance policies are very similar to auto insurance in that they provide Liability coverage for injury and property damage to others arising out of an accident. If desired, they can also provide injury coverage for passengers as well as physical damage coverage, (Comprehensive & Collision) for your motorcycle. Let us make buying motorcycle insurance easy.

However, there are some specific additional coverages to look for when purchasing motorcycle insurance. Often times, these coverages may be automatically included with some companies while others may not.

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Specific coverages and benefits to look for when buying motorcycle insurance include the following:

  • Accessories Coverage will usually have a maximum blanket limit
  • Passenger Liability Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance/Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Total Loss Replacement Coverage for New Bikes
  • Association Membership Discounts
  • Motorcycle Safety Course Completion Discount
  • Experienced Rider Discount

Look For Local Insurance Knowledge

A person should look for Motorcycle insurance companies that have local and knowledgeable claims adjusters. Some companies do not have local claims adjusters and/or simply use their available auto insurance adjusters, who may not even be familiar with motorcycles, to settle motorcycle claims. Either of these situations can significantly hinder and/or slow the claim settlement process. Remember, the price is important, but so is prompt and efficient claim service, especially during the prime motorcycle riding season. One of our expertise at Insurance Advisors of St. Louis is the fact that we work for you. As Independent Insurance agents, we find the best policy that fits your needs. IASTL searches all of our providers and finds the best one for you. We will never look for the most expensive policy because it makes us a big commission. We simply do not work that way and never will.

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