Being in the St. Louis area we get this question asked dozens of times per year. You might think being asked what to do because your neighbor’s tree falls on my house is strange, but it’s common where there are a lot of spring storms and even tornados.

Your own homeowner policy will pay for the damage and it will be subject to the wind/hail deductible which is usually higher.  In some cases, if a tree just falls over on your house without any involvement of wind it will be covered under the falling object coverage and it might have a lower deductible.

Neighbor’s Tree Falls On My House – What If My Neighbor Is Being Negligent?

The best place to start is to communicate with your neighbor in a reasonable way about your concerns. Because removing a dead tree is sometimes very costly most of the time you will be ignored. But it’s always best to start with communication.

If your reasonable request is ignored it’s a good idea to follow up with a registered letter so you can prove you have expressed your concerns to your neighbor.  Emphasize personal safety.

Neighbors Tree Falls On My House

If you are still ignored it’s time to start documenting.  Send a copy of your registered letter to your insurance agent.  Also, document using photos and video.  It might not be a bad idea to send the photos and video to your agent also.

If you live in an incorporated city or municipality contact your city councilman about your concerns. Also, contact your neighborhood association. The important thing is to spread around your documentation.  Repeat this process annually.

What If One Of My Trees Falls On A Neighbor’s House?

Their homeowner coverage will cover the loss.  In order to maintain peaceful relations call your agent and let him deliver the bad news.  That shows that you made an attempt and you won’t be considered the bad guy. Oh, and if you are one of the millions of people who need insurance or feel you are underinsured, please click below for a quote.