The Encompass Insurance company is known for delivering a superior insurance experience. In fact, they consider that their legacy. Encompass is one of the largest insurance carriers for personal property and casualty insurance brands. They have a network of over 2,600 Independent Insurance Agents including Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis. As independent insurance agents that sell their insurance, IASTL delivers superior service and the best products possible to our policyholders.

Encompass InsuranceIASTL offers Encompass insurance because we know that value is important to them and it’s another reason we are able to tailor your coverage to your needs. When we choose Encompass for your insurance needs it’s because we know they provide the best coverage for the best cost in your situation.

Some History On Encompass

In 1897 the company that would eventually become Encompass started to sell personal insurance. This insurance was backed by a promise that they still promise to this day. “Protection and Security“. It’s over 100 years later and Encompass offers auto insurance, home insurance, and additional product options with the same promise of “Protection and Security”. This is why IASTL is a trusted partner and offers its insurance to our clients.

Insurance Lines Offered By Encompass To Our IASTL Clients

Home Insurance

If you are a homeowner then you know your house is unique to you. There isn’t one insurance policy that covers every single house. This is why Encompass provides unique coverage that fits your home and your lifestyle. You can choose from homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or condo insurance.

Auto Insurance

At Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis, our independent insurance agents know that your car is the link you need to get you to important events. The bottom line your car gets you to where you need to go and that needs protection. The Encompass auto insurance line is tailor-made to make sure your ride and your life are on the right track.

Additional Products

We are proud to say that Encompass Insurance offers insurance for your recreational vehicles, including watercraft coverage. They also offer umbrella policies which means you will be fully protected. On top of that, they offer renters’ insurance and dwelling fire protection.

Encompass Insurance FAQ

What Is Encompass Insurance Known For And What Do They Consider Their Legacy?

Encompass Insurance is known for delivering a superior insurance experience, which they consider their legacy.

How Does Encompass Insurance Ensure Tailored Coverage And Value For Policyholders?

Encompass Insurance offers tailored coverage to meet individual needs, and they prioritize providing the best coverage for the best cost in each situation. This focus on value is why Insurance Advisors Of St. Louis (IASTL) offers Encompass Insurance to their clients.

What Insurance Lines Does Encompass Offer To IASTL Clients?

Encompass Insurance provides various insurance lines to IASTL clients, including: Home Insurance: Offering unique coverage tailored to individual homes and lifestyles, including options for homeowners, renters, and condo insurance. Auto Insurance: Tailor-made auto insurance coverage to protect both your vehicle and your life. Additional Products: Encompass offers insurance for recreational vehicles, including watercraft coverage, as well as umbrella policies for comprehensive protection. They also provide renters' insurance and dwelling fire protection.

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