Why Get Boat owners Insurance Coverage in St. Louis?

Owning and operating a boat comes with great risks. Boat owners insurance coverage can cover your boat, motor, trailer, and yourself or any passengers. It also comes with liability protection should you injure someone with your boat or damage their property. When you’re out cruising, the only thing you should be worrying about is having fun and soaking up some sun. So take care of this important safety step and go enjoy your boat.

But I Want to Take My New Boat Out!

It may be tempting to rush out on the water as soon as you buy your boat. But there are instances where new boat owners didn’t get insurance coverage and then had an accident in their first few rides. There’s no need to invite that kind of financial tragedy into your life at a time when you’re actively trying to get more enjoyment out of it. Be smart and protect yourself financially by getting boat owners insurance coverage first. Our agents are very knowledgeable and can set you up quickly with some great coverage.

How Much Money Could This Insurance Save Me?

That really depends on a few things. One is how much money your boat costs…the more expensive the boat, the more you’re potentially saving with insurance. However, insurance is always priced in relation to the object being insured, so relative to the cost of your boat (even if it’s one of the less expensive boats), it will always be a good deal. Medical costs are the other big one, which can easily be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for a terrible accident. Why would you risk that sort of financial ruin if you don’t have to?