Insurance Advisors of St. Louis have been around for over 50 years serving the St. Louis community. We are all independent insurance agents, which means we do not answer to one insurance company. In the end, this is best for our client’s because we get to go through several companies independently to find the best price and the best policy for you.

What it really boils down to is that we are working for our clients and not the insurance companies. This is why we have a sense of family with our clients and even though we are located in a large city, like St. Louis, MO we bring that small town feel. For many people, it’s that hometown feel. Not to be cliche, but everybody knows your name and that wasn’t supposed to sound like the Cheers song.

The following is a vocabulary of terms that might help you when navigating this whole insurance thing and when reading the blog. If there is a term you aren’t sure of just check our vocabulary and see if we have come up with a definition for you.