It is not only people owning a four wheeler should have an insurance, but this is applicable for those having two wheelers as well. Choosing to carry a motorcycle insurance will act as an essential safety precaution both for the biker as well as the passengers. We at Insurance Advisors of St Louis offer these insurance plans to people residing in any part of St Louis, MO. When you invest in these plans it will offer you coverage based on injury per person, injury per accident and damage of property per accident. We are a licensed and authorized company which means you can count on us confidently.

Benefits galore

When you invest in these insurance coverage from us you can avail the following benefits namely,

  • It will offer you medical expense coverage during an accident where the motorcyclist and/or the passengers faces injuries. It will be bought in various amounts and can address hospital bills and prescription pain medication
  • The underinsured/uninsured coverage will help in covering the costs related to property damage and medical bills
  • The comprehensive coverage will offer you protection against damages or accidents resulting from unexpected events or natural forces. If the two wheeler is harmed via a natural disaster, theft, vandalism or anything apart from collision it will pay for the damages
  • If you get involved in any form of accident caused via a motorist having an insurance coverage and you do not possess sufficient money to pay for the damage fully, particularly if you have sustained serious injuries, what will you do? Relax, you can file an accident claim for the damages

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